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About 911 Restoration of West Georgia

A Fresh Start

911 Restoration Douglas focuses on the Fresh Start Attitude when repairing homes and businesses in the community.It starts with being the difference.  Water Damage West Georgia Equipped Truck

When you call us and hear the friendly demeanor you will recognize that we are a different kind of restoration company. We cater to the customer.

The Fresh Start Attitude also carries a sense of respect and humility. We feel for you when your property stands damaged by recent storms.

We make sure to keep you comfortable by leading through support. You will know where we are in the restoration process the entire time.

In the end, we aim to make your home healthy again, yet another piece of the Fresh Start attitude.


Water Damage Restoration and RemediationDouglas, Georgia is in danger of thunderstorms and tornadoes, so keep your home safe in the face of these disasters with the help of 911 Restoration West Georgia and the following tips:

  • Keep leaves out of your rain gutters to prevent buildup and splash back onto your roof where too much standing water could mean leaks.
  • Attach storm shutters to your windows to block them from flying debris.
  • Have your sump pumps tested so they can pump out water if an issue does occur.
  • Know where to go in case of heavy storms, such as the basement or local community shelter.
  • Understand your insurance policy because many will cover water damage from plumbing and precipitation, but not floods and sump pump failure.

Whether your property succumbs to fires or floods, 911 Restoration West Georgia has the tools, talent, and technicians to nurse it back to health, and we work directly with your insurance company to bring you the most affordable price possible.

Douglas Georgia and the Shifting Winds

Water Damage Restoration Van And Truck And Box TruckDouglas, Georgia is a wonderful place to reside, outside the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying cool air coming off the shore, and the warmth of the south.

Unfortunately, the cool shore air and warm southern climate commingle to create strong thunderstorms and tornadoes.

While the last major magnitude 3 tornado was in 1968, there is always the chance of instigating another. These tornadoes are known to cause upwards of $2.5 million in damages.

Your building needs to be ready for debilitating circumstance, and part of that preparation is keeping 911 Restoration Douglas on speed dial to receive the most excellent help at the earliest opportunity.

Call us for your Fresh Start today.

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